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So I go to get email, in case somebody wants to pay me vast sums to solve their extremely important issue with the web code which they use to sell rectilinear watermelon propagation systems to world bank funded agrarian cooperatives used as a front for  draining middle class well-wishers dry so Paul's babe can have a 200k income, um, sorry, I digress, so anyhow this guy (girl, person, bot, thing) sends me a message on google talk before i can run away and go back to my 3dsmax adventure asking me 'so, um, what should i do about this oil thing? will I have to give up my car?'. (at this point in the narrative, you should be shuddering and asking self 'what is up with humans anyhow and what on earth does yuckymuck actually drink at happy hour?'). Well, that's _Mr. Muck_ to you, and anyhow, I said 'what should you do about this oil thing? will you have to give up your car?'

Well I have learned that you should read it again before you send it, so you avoid sending stuff you wrote in a fit of jealous rage (nod to Peter Sellers) and usually I read it and then delete it because it's , well, just wrong. It's hard to try to work out what is right to do. It's hard Somewhere I read you just have to do what you're comfortable with, but mainly, you have to do it. So, I'm going to walk, I need to walk, I need to lose a few pounds, I don't want to pay $3.29 like I did yesterday. Today I went out to the creek (concrete ditch through silicon valley tilt up businesses) and I saw some ducks fly by, right at eye level. Even the ducks looked worried. You don't see even worried ducks from a car. Pay less, get more, sounds like a plan to me.
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