yuckymuck (yuckymuck) wrote,

Who's Who?

I've been preparing our web site in case Nico is right (and I guess I have to admit it now, he probably is. And also by the way, I was pretty upset with GT for sending Sharon out there with a 'oh, and call me if you're kidnapped or dead or something,' but she called it better than I did. If it happened again, I'd still be paranoid, it's what I do.). Anyhow, and also by the way, Sharon really made the web site look great (what is she doing woking at a grocery store?) - anyhow... she had this great idea that we should organize things by where people live, so they could find each other and help each other, and we're doing that, and that's why I am posting - some parts of the country don't seem to know what's coming - Miami, Phoenix, St. Louis, Cleveland, we've heard from you, but not a lot.

What I'm worried about is Alaska, Hawaii, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Mo., and mostly - San Diego (traffic jam capitol of the universe) - nobody home. If they're caught with their pants down, it'll be ugly. Do you know anyone from those parts? Can you drop them a line, let them know what's on the horizon? If they get hit hard, we'll need someone there to tell us what's happening.

It looks like we are gonna get the real scoop from the mystery man (he speaks bulgarian??) if they can get it together with the  wire and all. LB is on it, he's shy, but he's sharp.
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