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Day in the life

In the week since the shock belted me in the head, we've been so in awe of all the people who have come to the web site to help, thousands of people, over 600 people signed up to help beat this thing, almost a million hits in the last 24 hours. It's no joke, people are pulling together while the place falls apart. I haven't left my desk for days. Sherry told me when she went for groceries people were looking just the same, only maybe a little nervous. Like it might blow over, just the usual summer price hike, but what if...

We've had some growing pains with the site, we found some cool people to help out, they have been working double shifts, really dedicated. Dess thought that outage we had a while back was some kind of conspiracy, you know, to knock us out, and I was 'yeah, right Dess, the aliens under my dog house told me that too' but now I have seen the logs, and I'm not so sure. That creepy Bulgarian lady pops into my head. What side is she on? If she's a baddie, I hope she drives a hummer.

Chin up folks, we can beat this. Bear with us.
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