yuckymuck (yuckymuck) wrote,

Dare Ya

Right back before the shock hit, there was an article in the local paper - "Get ready for $4 gas" - well, har har and all that, at least they said something about it before we got slammed.

But anyhow, near the bottom of that article - they mentioned a lady who already had at least some sort of plan - she put a sticker on her car that says "I'm Slow" - she drives slow because it saves gas. It does.

So, ok, I'm no graphic artist, I flunked fingerpainting, but here's a bumper sticker for you. (click for a big one)

Print it, stick on your car. Stick on some other car. Stick it anyplace, use blue painter's tape if you don't want to damage the paint on that shiny new Excess-calade.

Here's the dare: how many photos of cars with this sticker (or you make a nicer one, you won't hurt my feelings) can you post to the WWO web site? I double dog dare ya. Make sure you tag it 'mission slow' !

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