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Out for a Drive

I have been hiding in my sandbox for too long - so I thought I would do something different. I went for a drive. Why not, I never go anywhere, Sherry left, and I have time and a couple gallons of $5 gas I bought way back when. I took along my camera, and went in to the building where I 'work' - we all telecommute now, except for the guy who does the networking stuff and needs to watch the machines.

Ghost Town San Jose. No traffic, that's the only nice part.

I got to work and talked to Tony, he's the same, he pretty much only cares about his bearded dragon lizards. I was looking out the back window and saw this guy come up to my car with a little gas can - oh great, a theif, but he's got no chance. Locking gas cap. So I grabbed the camera and snapped at him, thought I would go see if he needed a lift or something. Well he just took off into the bushes. I hope he gets wherever he needs to be. He dropped his hose. I yelled 'hey, need a ride?' but I guess he was scared. I would have run too.

Here's the rest of the pictures I took.

Some of the people I see walking in the neighborhood stopped to talk about stuff later on, we got to talking about what would it really take to fix things, just fix them enough so we could carry on I guess. Phil, from a few houses down, pretty much thinks it's every man for himself. The others were pretty much well, if you don't want to help, you won't get any help. He went off pretty pissed. I think he'd been drinking anyhow. But we started to toss out ideas, more like dreams really, about what needs to happen to fix things. Public transportation was a big one. Solar power was another big one. Biodiesel got a bashing - I guess big companies wanting to cash in on that are deforesting parts of Brazil and kicking little farmers out.
Money. Money. Money. Money. Neville, who's from ireland, said that everyone he knows in the UK thinks the States are just corrupt fools who only care about money. Not a whole lot of argument, but these are people who walked anyhow, before the crash. he said, they'll buy a prius, but only cause it saves them money, and then they'll move to Tracy and commute 120 miles so they can have a big house for cheap (money) and the prius will save them money. Yeah, somebody said, ever see that web site MyStuff? I'm not that Zen, but I have to say, yeah, the stuff is a problem, the stuff and the TV.

It ended on a good note, somebody said we should work on public transport for our neighborhood, and someone else said what about a horse drawn wagon, like a hay ride. So, we're gonna find out. Why not. The gardeners are all over the horse poop for fertilizer... When I was real little, there was a hay ride at the shopping center in Palo Alto. It was the best. Town and Country Village, Lee's Brothers Groceries, and the checkout guy there used to call me 'blue' because I had red hair back then. My mom would get a Kit Kat once in a while. Right there in Silicon Valley, back when it was the valley of heart's delight. It got huge because of ideas and oil. We still have ideas. Or dreams maybe.
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